In Depth

Early Help: Special Report

Amid rising knife crime, youth homelessness and care referrals, the case for spending on early help has never been so important, yet investment in prevention services has been falling, fuelling late interventions.

Challenge to protect personal data

The fallout between the National Citizen Service (NCS) Trust and one of its regional delivery partners, The Challenge, has highlighted the importance IT systems play in protecting young people's details.

Youth work - Children's Workforce Qualifications and Training Guide

There are changes afoot in the youth sector.

Rashid Bhayat, chief executive, Positive Youth Foundation: How I Got Here

Youth work has been central to my life for 25 years and the foundations of my career in the sector started by volunteering in youth centres.

Leaders call for a clearer vision of council youth work duties

Review of statutory guidance for youth services will, says the youth minister, "provide greater clarity" on what government expects councils to deliver, but leaders say this must come with extra funding and other changes.