In Depth

Partnerships to address violent crime

Youth charity supports government strategy's focus on community partnerships to tackle knife crime, but wants longer-term funding.

Social prescribers for children

StreetGames' project could be the first initiative to "prescribe" social support for struggling young people.

UK silent on UN youth strategy

Appointing a dedicated youth minister would help the UK implement the UN's strategy, say experts.

Decade of cuts: the policies that have dismantled youth work

Swingeing cuts to youth services since 2010 are the result of an ideological drive to target support at disadvantaged young people, with little prospect of any change, says youth work expert and author Bernard Davies.

Youth charity leaders anticipate increase in income and demand

Nearly three times as many youth charity leaders expect annual income to rise in 2019 compared to those who think it will fall, but most say they want more support to develop partnerships with local businesses.