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Civil Society Strategy sets out plans to remake youth work landscape

New strategy outlines plans for a review of youth services statutory guidance and to better integrate the NCS into local provision. Experts call for a clear vision of what good support for young people should look like.

Youth Work Impact: Policy context

Supply and demand issues around funding have been crucial in the development of a youth work "impact agenda". In 2017/18, local authorities expected to spend 50 per cent less on young people's services than at the start of the decade as a result of reduced government...

Preparing Youth to Thrive: Methodology and Findings from the Social and Emotional Learning Challenge

This US project was a research and practice partnership that aimed to identify "promising" practices for building social and emotional learning skills with vulnerable young people.

Youth Work, Performativity and the New Youth Impact Agenda: Getting Paid For Numbers?

This article provides a critical analysis of the role of numbers in youth policy, specifically within youth work, through the lens of performativity where a particular form of monitoring and evaluation culture is said to influence what youth workers do, how they...

Listening to Our Future: Early Findings From the Health Foundation's Young People's Future Health Enquiry

This report presents the findings from the engagement exercise of the Health Foundation's young people's future health inquiry - a first-of-its-kind research and engagement project.