In Depth

Deprived councils bear brunt of decline in children's centres use

Analysis reveals the largest falls in the use of children's centres is in the poorest council areas leading experts to question the government's commitment to social mobility and call for a new funding and policy direction.

Increased demand for EHC plans exacerbates SEND funding crisis

With funds lacking to meet families' expectations of special educational needs and disability services, parents and practitioners have pursued education, health and care plans to obtain support, worsening the cash crisis.

Making the case for intervening earlier

Building on the impact of the Troubled Families programme can be vital for securing the future of early help in upcoming spending review.

Duty of care: key questions

Child abuse lawyer Peter Garsden explains the implications for councils of recent Supreme Court ruling.

Agent of change: Ann Coffey, Independent Group for Change MP for Stockport

Derren Hayes talks to Ann Coffey, Independent Group for Change MP for Stockport.