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Unlocked Graduates: the graduates hoping to transform youth custody

Unlocked Graduates is a training scheme designed to get more talented people working in prisons. Two of the first participants to enter the youth secure estate share their experiences with CYP Now.

Adoption register suspension - will it make matching harder?

A system for matching hard-to-place children with adopters has been shelved after 18 years. Those running the National Adoption Register fear the change will limit options, but others say online systems can fill the void.

Partnerships to address violent crime

Youth charity supports government strategy's focus on community partnerships to tackle knife crime, but wants longer-term funding.

Tackling lack of diversity in the children's services workforce

Two-thirds of social workers are white, but in some areas that figure is much higher. Leaders say work needs to be done to encourage more ethnic minorities into the sector in frontline and leadership roles.

End of an era at Cafcass: Anthony Douglas, outgoing chief executive

Derren Hayes speaks to Anthony Douglas, outgoing Cafcass chief executive.