In Depth

Domestic Abuse: Special Report

Cases of domestic abuse recorded by police and children's services have risen significantly over the past decade. The government has published a draft bill containing new protections to tackle the problem.

Troubled Families programme: its impact and what should replace it

An evaluation of the government's Troubled Families programme suggests it has helped cut care rates by a third as councils invested millions in early help. With the scheme due to end, leaders say the funding must continue.

ADCS president vows action on poverty

Rachel Dickinson, 2019/20 ADCS president, says she will stress the plight of children living in poverty.

Tackling care attainment gap

DfE figures show a growing attainment gap for children in care, highlighting the need to boost support.

Youth work reforms need universal focus

Youth charter and qualifications review can revitalise youth work, but experts call for a broad approach.