In Depth

Special Report: Early Help

Council early help services are changing. With budgets falling and demand for intensive services rising, early help is evolving into a more multi-agency intervention targeted at the most disadvantaged families.

How Ofsted's SIF has changed the children's services landscape

Under Ofsted's single inspection framework, the number of children's services rated "inadequate" has doubled, prompting criticism it raised the bar too high. Leaders assess its legacy and what it will mean for the future.

The factors driving the increase in children educated at home

The rise in children being educated at home is partly blamed on schools failing to adequately support pupils with additional needs, and has raised concerns councils will struggle to monitor their safety and wellbeing.

PCCs and youth crime prevention

Experts call for police and crime commissioners to do more to fund youth crime prevention work.

Boosting attainment in reception

Education experts answer Ofsted criticism of the quality of education for disadvantaged young pupils.