In Depth

The co-producers: Making users part of the solution

Involvement of children and families in shaping services can sometimes be tokenistic. Many organisations now use "co-production" to ensure genuine participation. Eileen Fursland investigates.

Tackling discrimination in schools

Councils should insist schools record and report incidents of racism and religious hatred, youth leaders say.

How organisations can get a share of a new youth social action fund

More than £40m will be available to youth groups through the #IWill Fund to boost opportunities. Step Up To Serve chief Charlotte Hill explains when it will be distributed, what projects it will support and how to make bids.

Assessing character development

Leaders question report findings that young people's feedback is best way to assess character education progress.

Vocal for young volunteers: Sophie Livingstone, chief executive, City Year UK

Adam Offord speaks to Sophie Livingstone, chief executive, City Year UK.