In Depth

Reporting of abuse and neglect: options, arguments and impact

Government consultation puts forward two possible systems for children's professionals to report abuse and neglect. Campaigners and leaders say the plans go too far, but are split on whether they will increase referrals and costs.

Leadership: Improving family engagement

Involving families with service design and delivery can be the key to empowering people to make real changes in their lives, so professionals must find ways to help them engage and reap the benefits.

Rural youth work: Cut off no more and calling the tune

Young people living in rural areas can find it difficult to access youth services. Joe Lepper finds out how Somerset Rural Youth Project's music network helps young musicians reach a wider audience.

Children's policy under May rule: implications of minister changes

Alterations to ministerial briefs at the Department for Education suggest some shifts in policy priorities.

Children in care champions want greater powers over school places

Schools can be reluctant to take looked-after children as new pupils during term-time due to a shortage of places or concerns about attainment targets. Virtual school heads want greater powers to ensure they get the places they need.