In Depth

Qualifications change escalates childcare recruitment crisis

Annual workforce survey of early years leaders shows higher staff turnover and falling qualification levels as a result of new GCSE requirements, leading to concerns there will be too few practitioners to deliver 30-hour offer.

Assessing character development

Leaders question report findings that young people's feedback is best way to assess character education progress.

Troubled Families delivers gains despite damning study findings

In-depth research has found no link between the Troubled Families programme and improved outcomes for participants, but children's services leaders claim the government's flagship initiative still has merits.

Support fund cap raises concerns over breakdown of adoptions

A huge rise in demand has forced the government to limit money available through the Adoption Support Fund, prompting calls from experts for a long-term solution to be found that ensures families can receive the help they need.

Is there a future for family hubs?

Children's commissioner says councils should follow the Isle of Wight and turn children's centres into hubs.