In Depth


Programmes bid to instil children with vital life skill of 'character'

Faced with a surge in mental health problems among children, the government hopes to promote coping strategies to help overcome life's challenges. But what determines good character and how do you teach it?


Councils struggle to meet rise in demand for child protection

Freedom of Information Act data shows there has been a rise over the past year in the number of children in care and on child protection plans, with children's services leaders warning of major consequences for how councils work.


Outdoor learning: Getting out and about

Advocates of outdoor learning highlight a wide variety of benefits for children and young people. Charlotte Goddard looks at the evidence and explores a range of projects that teach new skills.


Councils and charities absorb the impact of Whitehall spending cuts

Recent cuts to government department budgets look set to be the start of a new round of austerity in public sector spending. Three experts outline the impact these cuts will have and offer ideas on how the effect can be minimised.


Prioritising permanence: Kevin Williams, chief executive, The Fostering Network

Derren Hayes meets Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network.