In Depth

Special Report: Early Learning and School Readiness

High-quality early education has the potential to improve children's development, giving them the essential social, emotional and academic tools they need to successfully transition to school

Asylum-Seeking Children: Journey of Child X

The number of unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the UK has soared in recent years. Louise Hunt charts the typical journey of an asylum-seeking child, meeting some professionals they may encounter

Baby P death 10 years on: the case's lasting impact on child protection

The death in 2007 of Peter Connelly resulted in a media furore over failures in his care. Child protection expert Ray Jones charts how a decade on the impact of the case can still be seen in safeguarding services

Goodwill unfazed by big brief

Children's minister offers councils more improvement support, but warns doing more with less will continue

Responding to Grenfell disaster

The community response to the Grenfell Tower disaster demonstrates the value of local organisations