In Depth

Inspections Clinic: Ofsted early years forum

A new group of early education academics and childcare experts has been convened by Ofsted to discuss research, practice, inspection and areas for improvement. Jo Stephenson finds out what it hopes to achieve.

Unlocked Graduates: the graduates hoping to transform youth custody

Unlocked Graduates is a training scheme designed to get more talented people working in prisons. Two of the first participants to enter the youth secure estate share their experiences with CYP Now.

Medway STC whistleblower calls for culture and practice reforms

Whistleblower who alerted authorities to abuse at Medway secure training centre says the review into the case shows there needs to be major changes to how staff work with young people before the issues will be resolved.

Councils develop programmes to reduce impact of parent conflict

Councils took part in a pilot to reduce parental conflict because of the damage it does to children. As the initiative is to be extended, leaders came together to explain how they engaged agencies and practitioners in the programme.

Factors behind rise in remand

Lack of magistrates and secure children's homes to blame for increase in children in custody on remand.