In Depth

Joining youth and family courts

Experts assess the barriers to integrated youth and family courts system following Munby intervention.

Inspections: Joint targeted area inspections

Inspections of local safeguarding arrangements were introduced in 2016 to examine joint working across agencies, uncovering examples of how areas tackle neglect, child sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.

Police academy: how forces are on the front line of early intervention

Lancashire and Northamptonshire police are involved in a multi-agency early intervention initiative to develop new ways of working with children and young people with the aim of diverting them from a crime pathway.

Inspections: Local authority foster care

The number of local authority foster placements rose last year, with Ofsted analysis showing most councils delivering high-quality services with improvements in placement stability and post-18 support.

Plan to tackle disproportionality

Justice experts react to review recommendations on ways to reduce offending by BAME young people.