Special Report: E-Safety

The digital world has become an integral part of young people's lives, but amid growing concerns of being exposed to harm, Derren Hayes looks at e-safety projects that work to keep children safe online.

The opportunity the internet provides for children to learn, create, socialise and have fun far outweigh the potential dangers posed by the online world. However, to ensure young people stay safe online, parents and children's professionals need to understand the risks and put sensible safeguards in place.

The online world is now an integral part of young people's everyday lives; they use it for entertainment, to chat with friends, to watch news and as an education resource. The growth in ownership of smart devices among children over the past decade, and the fact they become digitally proficient at a younger age, means it has never been easier for children to get online. These trends have led to growing concerns among parents, professionals and policymakers about children's exposure to people and content that could cause them harm. It has also led to a rise in safeguarding practice designed to address online risks.

CYP Now's special report on e-safety looks at latest trends in internet use by children and young people, and what research says about the extent of digital threats including cyberbullying, social media, cybercrime, online grooming and sexualisation.

In addition, we analyse efforts by policymakers, safeguarding agencies and children's advocates to tackle digital threats and highlight the work of four e-safety projects that are supporting children and families to stay safe online.

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E-Safety: Policy context

Research Evidence:

E-Safety: Vulnerable Children in a Digital World

E-Safety: Live Streaming, Vlogging and Parenting Report

E-Safety: Age Verification and Online Pornography

E-Safety: Screen Time

Practice Examples:

Empowering children to take control of their online lives

Mini police get to grips with cybercrime

Project confronts online sexual harassment

NSPCC e-safety guides for parents and professionals

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