Review: Reoffending

Graham Beech
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reoffending: A practitioner's guide to working with offenders and offending behaviour in the Criminal Justice System

Author Jonathan Hussey
Published by Bennion Kearny
ISBN 978 0 9570511 4 0
202 pages

This book, aimed at readers beginning their careers in the probation service and youth offending service, provides an interesting insight into working with offenders in the community. It is clear that Hussey has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise through his personal experiences and this book offers a thoughtful introduction to some of the complex issues that practitioners face on a daily basis. Written in a conversational style that is easy to follow, it also contains some important messages about good practice.

This book will help those in training and newly qualified practitioners to get to grips with the range of skills needed to build effective working relationships that motivate and encourage offenders to change their behaviour.

The final chapter also provides some helpful tips for dealing with the personal challenges practitioners may face.

In the current climate where policy and practice are developing at a rapid pace, it is difficult to produce a practice handbook that will remain accurate for years to come. While the thoughts and guidance from this experienced practitioner are undoubtedly valuable, this book is based heavily on individual experience and, as such, should be treated as a supplementary aid to more formal methods of training.

Reviewed by Graham Beech, strategic development director, Nacro

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