Resources: Review - Entering the world of the gifted child

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gifted Children is a beautifully crafted book, full of human warmth.

It provides a wonderfully refreshing insight into the world of giftedchildren and one cannot fail but be moved by the personal touch thataccompanies every page.

The book provides the reader with an invaluable wealth of informationand resources and is aimed at the gifted child, a parent or carer of agifted child or anyone involved in the educational welfare of a giftedchild. I would also urge anyone who has an interest in child developmentto make reading it a priority.

Gifted Children has been written by counsellors who have first-handknowledge of what it is like to live with and work with gifted children.Each of the authors counselled gifted children and their families forthe National Association for Gifted Children and was either giftedthemselves or a parent or grandparent of a gifted child.

This direct involvement with and dedication to the emotional, social andeducational needs of the gifted child is what makes this book sospecial.

The chapters cover a multitude of aspects relating to the giftedchild.

The gifted child is placed in context of the family and beyond, in thecontext of school and home education, in the context of special needs -with a whole chapter devoted to gifted children with Asperger syndrome -and also includes other gems such as managing the multi-talented child,the gifted linguist, the musically and creatively gifted, and effectivecommunication.

The strength of the book also lies in the superb summaries and helpfulnotes at the end of each chapter and the excellently researched lists ofreferences, resources and contacts, in the UK and throughout theworld.

Gifted Children provides a realistic and fascinating view of what it islike to be gifted. This book will enrich the lives of all that comeacross it and, as a result, is an invaluable resource for parents andschools.

- Reviewed by Marcelo Staricoff, deputy head teacher, St Bartholomew'sCE Primary School

Gifted Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Edited by Kate Disten
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1843104393

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