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Immaterial Boys? A Large-Scale Exploration of Gender-Based Differences in Child Sexual Exploitation Service Users

This research paper provides findings from a study exploring the relationship between child sexual exploitation (CSE) and gender.

Post-adoption support boost

Freedom of Information data reveals extent of council "match funding" under Adoption Support Fund.

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: Knowledge, Confidence and Training within a Contemporary UK Social Work Practice and Policy Context

This paper reports on the implications of a study commissioned by the NSPCC to explore social workers' confidence and understanding of child sexual abuse (CSA) and child sexual exploitation (CSE) in particular.

Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation with Young People and Parents: Contributions to a Twenty-First-Century Family Support Agenda

This article discusses family work with young people and parents/carers affected by child sexual exploitation (CSE). It presents findings from a 2015 evaluation of an early-intervention project, run by Barnardo's, with young people at risk of or affected by CSE...

Exploring Peer Mentoring as a Form of Innovative Practice with Young People at Risk of Child Sexual Exploitation

Little is known about the use of peer-led approaches as a response to child sexual exploitation (CSE). This small qualitative study aimed to gain an insight into young people's views and experiences of peer mentoring.