In Depth

Reshape the language of care

Some of the language used by professionals can leave young people feeling confused and disempowered, so take a more compassionate and inclusive approach to communication to build stronger relationships.

Commissioning: Predictive analytics

Commissioners are using systems that predict need to shape service design and funding allocation, says Toni Badnall-Neill.

Commissioning Children's Services: Special Report

How children's services are commissioned has been the subject of intense scrutiny by policymakers in recent years. Sector experts analyse the forces driving changes in commissioning policies and practice.

Factors behind decline of twin-hat directors of children's services

Funding changes and more complex policy could be reasons for the fall in twin-hat DCSs, say experts.

Collaborate and share best practice

Professionals and organisations can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges they face by working collaboratively, networking with peers and celebrating successful examples of practice.