Youth Club Sessions: How to encourage new volunteers

Vanessa Rogers
Monday, January 24, 2011

Youth work trainer Vanessa Rogers shares her ideas on how to promote volunteering to young people and adults.


Why do people volunteer?

Aim This warm-up exercise encourages people to see the personal and social benefits of voluntary work

You will need

Flipchart paper and markers

How to do it

Start by suggesting that often people engage in voluntary activities, even if they do not label them as such. For example, helping a charity raise money, getting involved with a political campaign or offering skills to a local committee. Invite people to discuss the following in small groups:

  • Consider any voluntary work that you have done. What motivated you to do it?
  • What did you get out of it?

After 10 minutes hand out flipchart paper and markers and ask people to list their reasons under the following headings: personal, family/friends, community and social.

Invite feedback and hold a discussion that considers the most powerful motivators for offering your time free of charge. Conclude that volunteering comes in many forms and levels of commitment and is often linked to personal values, beliefs and a wish to do something to help a cause that people are linked to by experience or family or friends.

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