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Legal Update: Care of unaccompanied children

  • Monday, April 14, 2014
Draft proposals on the care of unaccompanied asylum-seeking and trafficked children are a welcome step but could go further, argues Rachel Hutchings, researcher at Coram Children's Legal Centre.

Legal Update: Tackling child sexual exploitation

  • Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Jen Roest, research and projects officer at Coram Children's Legal Centre, examines a call to address child sexual exploitation in Manchester through attitudinal change of public agencies and the legal system.

Legal Update: Trafficking victims and families

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Frances Trevena, head of policy and programmes at Coram Children's Legal Centre, examines the gaps in service provision for families and child victims of trafficking and how this group can be better supported.

Legal Update: The costs of immigration

Rising costs of making an immigration application or challenging a decision is set against the backdrop of ever-changing, complex rules, says Jessica Evans, outreach solicitor at Coram Children's Legal Centre.

Reform to prosecution of abuse

  • Tuesday, April 2, 2013
The director of public prosecutions has announced reforms to the way the justice system responds to claims of child sexual abuse, says Kara Apland, socio-legal researcher at Coram Children's Legal Centre

‘Back to the old ways' for jobless young offenders

  • Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Just under a decade ago, I visited a young offender institution with the first Children's Commissioner for Wales, the late Peter Clarke. Peter had never been to such a place and I recall how he was quite affected by many of its characteristics.

Striking the balance on abuse

Jo-Anne Prud'homme, legal researcher at Coram Children's Legal Centre, examines what lessons can be learned from the case of parents charged with abuse after doctors failed to diagnose congenital rickets

Legal Update: Reform of children's home rules

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Proposals set out by the government aim to improve safeguarding measures for vulnerable children in residential care, says Awaz Raoof, international research officer, Coram Children's Legal Centre.