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Editorial: The decline of the male youth worker

It's hard to imagine nowadays a time when male youth workers outnumbered female youth workers. But back in the early 1980s it was not unusual for youth services to employ twice as many male youth workers as women.

Editorial: Schools must face up to their duty to society

The onus on schools to maximise children's wellbeing, as well as their educational attainment, was stepped up a notch last week. Guidance issued by the Department for Children, Schools and Families stated that schools should be the "first line of response" for tackling gang culture.

Can social investment really change the world?

"There are few moments like this when something happens that can really change the world". That was the proclamation of Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude last summer as plans gathered pace to develop the UK market for social investment. Was he going a bit over the top? Perhaps; but only perhaps.

A new-look CYP Now in the new year

From January, CYP Now will be making some changes to better reflect your needs. Readers increasingly like to receive their news online but have an appetite to see more considered analysis, comment and information on best practice in print.

Today's youth is vital to big society

Conventional wisdom might hold that youth participation -- any work that gives young people a voice and involves them in shaping services -- is near the front of the queue for cuts in our age of austerity.

Focus of spending must be balanced

It's official: the UK spends more money on child welfare and education than the average market economy. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report out last week, we spend just over 90,000 per child from birth to 18 compared to an OECD average among 30 member countries of just under 80,000.

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