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Resilience prevails amid Osborne's bleak choices

Like a piercing, bitter English winter, Chancellor George Osbourne's "autumn statement" was eye-wateringly harsh. It is, without doubt, children and young people growing up in the most deprived households who are being asked to bear the brunt.

'Hokey cokey' policy lets children down

I was recently struck by what might be described as the "hokey cokey" nature of child care. First, we put things in. Then, we take them out. And then we shake them all about and invariably start again with no reference to what has gone before.

Harm of drinking during pregnancy lasts a lifetime

On 19 January 1725, The London College of Physicians told the House of Commons: "We do think it our duty humbly to represent that we have concern observed... the frequent use of several sorts of distilled Spirituous Liquors... and too often the cause of weak, feeble, distempered children, who must be instead of advantage and strength, a charge to their country."

Child health: the elephant in the corner?

You will know of the three blind men who meet an elephant. One touches the elephant's leg and describes him as being like a tree trunk. A second holds the trunk and argues he is much closer to a hose pipe. And the third, grasping the tail, claims the elephant is like a rope.

Progress in joint working must go on

The decision last week to strip the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC) of government funding will inevitably raise concerns that any genuine "development" of the workforce will stall. A plan for how the Department for Education intends to take forward the quango's work is yet to be articulated.