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International Focus: Autism support, New Zealand

  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Emily Niner visited New Zealand to see how agencies there deliver post-diagnostic support to children and young people with autism, and explore what practices could be replicated by services in the UK.

Legal Update: SEND Review and green paper

Qaisar Sheikh, head of education law and senior solicitor at Coram Children’s Legal Centre, outlines the key proposals and flaws in the government’s intended reforms to the special educational needs system.

Inclusive education, Canada

Tara Flood visited New Brunswick in 2019 to observe how schools deliver inclusive education for disabled children, more than thirty years after the Canadian province closed all of its special schools.

Legal Update: Issues SEND review must solve

Delayed government review must improve access to good-quality support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, says the Child Law Advice Service's Richard Oldershaw.

Association of Race/Ethnicity and Social Disadvantage with Autism Prevalence

Autism spectrum disorder is characterised by communication difficulties and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities. It is thought to affect between one and two per cent of the world's population. Researchers at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with researchers from Newcastle University and Maastricht University, wanted to chart the prevalence of autism in different demographic groups to help with the planning of support services.