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Legal Update: SEND Review and green paper

Qaisar Sheikh, head of education law and senior solicitor at Coram Children’s Legal Centre, outlines the key proposals and flaws in the government’s intended reforms to the special educational needs system.

Digital Solutions Special Report

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how digital services can be part of the solution to delivering care and support to vulnerable children and families – and provide new ways of tackling problems.

Inspections Clinic: Monitoring school attendance

Latest figures suggest that one in five pupils in England are persistently missing class, prompting Ofsted and the government to look at more support for schools struggling with the issue, reports Jo Stephenson.

Outdoor Learning Special Report

Pandemic policy shifts saw many projects move outdoors to explore new ways of working, with young people reaping the benefits of connecting with nature. But barriers remain for some children and families.

Legal Update: Rights over exclusions

Machela Boampong, senior paralegal at Coram Children’s Legal Centre, and Dr Simon Gallacher, a freelance education research and policy adviser, on an analysis of school exclusions in North Kensington in London.

Local area SEND inspections

Children and young people with SEND have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, yet Ofsted inspections show support in many areas is substandard and not improving, reports Jo Stephenson.

How to overcome the digital divide

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the ‘digital divide’ which widens inequalities between disadvantaged children and young people and their peers. Charlotte Goddard investigates.

Sustainable Services: Special Report

‘Eco anxiety’ among young people is rising prompting many to protest over inaction by policymakers. Initiatives are now being developed across children’s services to be more environmentally sustainable.

University challenge: help for care leavers

Care-experienced young people are significantly less likely to attend university than their peers. Experts explore what support needs to be in place for them to access the benefits of higher education.