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Legal Update: Managing school attendance

Richard Oldershaw, lead adviser at Coram’s Child Law Advice Service, explains how schools and councils should monitor pupil attendance and home education arrangements and what to do when problems arise.

No time to lose in implementing review recommendations

  • Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Last week the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care called for a “radical reset” and the National Review into the murders of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson said child protection needs to “change fundamentally”.

Inspections Clinic: Youth offending services

Latest probation inspectorate annual report highlights services striving to tackle disproportionality but management of young offender risk in the community remains a problem, reports Jo Stephenson.

Find inspiration to lead in an unpredictable time

How are you feeling? Excited? Positive? Exhausted? Despairing? All of these? After two years of a pandemic, even buoyant leaders are saying they’ve run out of strategies to help them steer a course through the next few months, let alone years.

Responding to the rise in home education

The pandemic appears to have prompted a significant increase in the number of children being educated at home. Charlotte Goddard looks at what this means for families and children’s services.

Youth work and sport: Special report

With activity levels among children and young people having fallen since the pandemic, a number of policies and funding programmes aim to encourage participation to improve physical and mental health.

The power of ADCS

This blog was first due a couple of weeks ago, but the small matter of an ILACs inspection diverted my attention.

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