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The art form of cutting out-of-school services

All the directors and local politicians I've spoken to of late agree that the impact of the cuts has only just begun to be felt, and that there is much pain yet to come. This is a hard message for colleagues in services at risk and for the young people they serve.

Long-term support cures hopelessness

After the long summer, there is much on which to reflect. The riots have focused on the issues that should be front of mind for all of us - helping disadvantaged young people reach their full potential.

We must pull together for deprived children

This week is the first week of the school break. It's a time for a holiday, time to play sport, time to take part in new challenges. But research has shown that disadvantaged children are more likely to fall behind their peers during this long summer holiday.

Expect confusion from an unclear admissions code

When I worked in local authorities, many parents were - rightly - concerned about whether the school their children attended was any good. And just about every parent became passionate about getting their children into the school they wanted.

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