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What is the Care Review Watch Alliance?

The Care Review Watch Alliance (CRWA) is a loose collective of people from all corners of the care community including care experienced people, care professionals, educators and researchers, social workers, foster carers and residential care providers.

Determining the nature of sound

It’s four weeks since many local authorities were involved in overseeing local elections and, Milton Keynes being a unitary council with ‘no overall control’, we are getting used to the beginning of a new leadership termed as a ‘Progressive Alliance’.

Who loves this child?

This needs to be the starting point of everything we do in children’s services. I don’t want to see love defined, pulled apart or being put in legislation.

Doing the impossible

I want to start this blog with a quote from Francis of Assisi: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” - I think it’s what all of us working in children’s services do.

A residential child care worker’s Queen's Speech

The pandemic has exposed inequality and insecurity, and made us re-evaluate what is most important to us. It has also exposed that children's lives, especially those of children in care, are interdependent. We must work together to tackle the challenges that face us.

Getting it right in the early years

Three weeks ago today, a generation of children who have spent around a third of their lives in the pandemic found out where they will be starting their school journey in the autumn term.