Quiz of the Year 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How closely have you been following the ups and downs of the children and young people's sector over the past 12 months? Test your knowledge here with the CYP Now quiz of the year.

1. To which 1970s sitcom character did ex-children's minister Tim Loughton liken his former boss Michael Gove (above) during an education select committee hearing in January?

A Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers

B Store owner Mr Grace from Are You Being Served?

C Prison officer Mr MacKay from Porridge

2. What is the annual turnover rate of directors of children's services, as revealed by CYP Now?

A One in four

B One in three

C One in two

3. What proportion of "troubled families'" lives does the government claim to have been "turned around"?

A One in five

B One in four

C One in three

4. In April, Paris Brown quit just days after being elected as the country's first youth crime commissioner, in Kent, after being exposed for what?

A Posting offensive tweets

B Wearing a Nazi "fancy dress" costume to a party

C Taking Class-A drugs

5. Whose report recommended that responsibility for Doncaster's children's services should transfer to an independent trust?

A Lord Alex Carlile

B Julian Le Grand, professor of social policy, London School of Economics

C Alan Wood, vice-president, Association of Directors of Children's Services

6. Where did the OECD rank UK 15-year-olds among nations in their maths and reading abilities respectively?

A 16th and 13th

B 26th and 23rd

C 36th and 33rd

7. Who in November became the new chief executive Barnardo's?

A Javed Khan

B Matthew Reed

C Peter Wanless

8. At the CYP Now Awards, how did civil society minister Nick Hurd describe some local authority-run youth services that had closed?

A Underperforming

B Rubbish

C Crap

9. What proportion of disadvantaged two-year-olds became eligible for free childcare in September this year?

A 15%

B 20%

C 40%

10. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced free school meals from next September for whom?

A All infant school pupils (reception class, Year 1 and Year 2)

B All primary school pupils

C All secondary school pupils

11. The National Youth Agency launched the Institute of Youth Work in September. How many members has it signed up so far?

A 30

B 300

C 3,000

12. The "Frontline" fast-track training programme launches next year. It is for people aspiring to become what?

A Directors of children's services

B Social workers

C Youth workers

13. The government extended what right for young people up to the age of 21?

A Care leavers' grant

B Education bursary

C Staying in foster care

14. Michael Gove tore into shadow education secretary Tristan Hunt after the latter's parliamentary question contained what gaffe?

A That he grew up in foster care (he was adopted)

B That he studied GCSEs (he went to school in Scotland)

C That he was a journalist with the Daily Telegraph (it was The Times)

15. And who did Gove lambast as "irresponsible and stupid" for saying: "The secret is to be useless at school and then get lucky"?

A Naomi Campbell

B Simon Cowell

C Sir Alan Sugar

16. To which group is the £1,800 Pupil Premium Plus targeted?

A Children in care

B Children with special educational needs

C Young carers

17. "God, Queen and country" were the foundations of the Girlguides' pledge. It dropped two this year, retaining which one?

A God

B Queen

C Country

18. The government announced it will give young carers the same right to support as adult carers - but what is the official estimate of young carers numbers in England?

A 160,000

B 190,000

C 300,000

19. What did members of the UK Youth Parliament vote to be their campaign for the coming year?

A Curriculum to include life skills

B Free vitamins for all pupils

C Extending the right to vote to 16

20. Labour said it would increase free childcare from 15 to 25 hours a week for threeand four-year-olds. But how would it raise the £800m required?

A Imposing a pizza tariff

B Introducing a "mansion tax"

C Raising the bank levy

21. The British Humanist Association claimed in August that some schools were banning the "promotion" of what?

A Homosexuality

B Religion

C University

22. Around 10 childminders claimed they had been blocked from following whose Twitter account in February?

A Michael Gove

B Cathy Nutbrown

C Liz Truss

23. What is the government's official term for what opponents brand the "bedroom tax"?

A Extra Room Charge

B Housing Levy

C Spare Room Subsidy

24. What did former education adviser Dominic Cummings claim to be more important than teaching in influencing children's achievement?

A Application

B Environment

C Genetics

25. The government backed down in June on plans to change what in early years settings?

A Child-to-staff ratios

B Nutrition guidelines

C Outdoor play requirements

26. The government campaign to double the number of children and young people taking part in social action programmes is called what?

A National Citizen Service

B Step Up 2 Serve

C Youth Social Action

27. On relinquishing the presidency of the ADCS, what role did Debbie Jones (right) take up at Ofsted in September?

A Chief inspector

B Director of education

C Director of social care

28. In June, which organisation described careers advice in many schools to be on "life support"?

A British Chambers of Commerce


C Unison

29. Why was no one crowned BBC Young Musician of the Year 2013?

A BBC withdrew funding because of poor viewer ratings

B It is a biennial competition, despite the name

C The winner was subsequently revealed to be 32, making the competition void

30. In June, which organisation described careers advice in many schools to be on "life support"?

A British Chambers of Commerce


C Unison

Answers: 1B; 2B; 3C; 4A; 5B; 6B; 7A; 8C; 9B; 10A; 11B; 12B; 13C; 14B; 15B; 16A; 17B; 18A; 19C; 20C; 21A; 22C; 23C; 24C; 25A 26B; 27C; 28B; 29B; 30B



It's not easy getting outstanding these days. Hearty congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back (because no one else will).

25-29: GOOD

You clearly take a keen interest in developments for children and families. Good for you.


What do you mean you think that's 'adequate'? 'Adequate' is so 2012.

Less than 20: INADEQUATE

Worrying gaps in your knowledge have been exposed. The CYP Now quiz team will pay you an emergency visit soon.

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