Ask the Expert: Motivating staff

June O’Sullivan
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I want to start the year by giving my team a boost. What might I do?

There are some key things that make a happy workplace. First, think about how you communicate. Lack of communication with managers is the top complaint of the dissatisfied employee. List the ways you currently communicate, then test which matter the most. Second, be more visible. Do more walking around. Think about how you connect with the staff and find out what helps them feel engaged.

Think about ways to show the staff you care and are listening to them. Many employees yearn for continued development. As an employer, giving additional responsibility to a hard working employee can be rewarding for both parties. Big bonuses, raises, and trips aren’t in the budget but you can always stretch to tea and cake. Too often, leadership thinks that if it can’t give a big raise, there is no point in doing anything. Training opportunities, conferences, visits and other small things can inspire an employee. A little creativity can go a long way.

Answered by June O'Sullivan, chief executive of the childcare charity and social enterprise, the London Early Years Foundation

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