How East Riding Youth Offending Service achieved an outstanding rating

Of all the Youth Offending and Probation Services in England and Wales, the East Riding Youth Offending Service was the first ever to attain full marks from HMIP in an inspection, earning a rating of ‘outstanding’.

Capita One’s intuitive Youth Justice reduced admin for the East Riding YOT. Picture: Capita One
Capita One’s intuitive Youth Justice reduced admin for the East Riding YOT. Picture: Capita One

As one of only three Youth Offending Services to achieve an outstanding rating, the East Riding Youth Offending Service can offer valuable insight into good practice and positive outcomes for young people.

This outstanding rating is a testament to East Riding’s knowledge, motivation and dedication to delivering the best service by breaking the mould to introduce new and innovative techniques, encouraging creative delivery to build trust and engage with young people, victims and families.

By adopting Capita One’s intuitive Youth Justice software, the burden of admin has been reduced for the East Riding Youth Offending team. This has allowed it to dedicate time and effort to engage with young people, their families and victims to effectively reduce reoffending and anti-social behaviour.

By allowing staff to see the bigger picture through the collation of a wealth of relevant information, the Youth Justice software has helped the East Riding team carry out preventative measures and restorative actions for those involved in or impacted by anti-social and offending behaviour.

East Riding received praise on its partnership work with the police and children’s social care and other agencies.

The East Riding team is constantly reviewing and developing its child and victim-centric practices to engage with people and make a tangible impact to improve outcomes. The software’s holistic overview has supported exemplary review practices and the HMIP found during the inspection that “Staff spoke positively about the main case management system, One Youth” 

East Riding Youth Justice Manager Samantha Matthews has been a key driver in the team’s achievement, empowering her team to bring in fresh ideas and new technologies. 

Samantha Matthews has introduced child-led sessions and panels with a strong focus on restorative justice. East Riding has also focused on recruiting mentors to match the needs of the young people they support.

She explains how the Youth Justice software has been vital in allowing the team to make informed decisions for individuals as well as where to focus resources.

“Our youth offending team really benefit from all the information already recorded by colleagues in Capita One’s Youth Justice software," she says.

“The young person’s most pertinent and recent chronology is shown in a single view so we can quickly see the information we need, from different addresses and details of imprisonment or LAC placement, to SEN, school attendance and exclusions history.

“The system is also really simple to navigate using different hyperlinks and shortcuts to move around the records, so everything we need is in one place and quick and easy to access.

“Because our staff are so well informed by the information already in the system, they’re better equipped to ask the right questions from the first meeting with the young person. The time staff have saved by not having to gather all this information from scratch, and having so much information from the start means our practitioners feel they’re spending more quality time with young people, engaging in more meaningful conversations much sooner, so they can better understand the needs of the young person in their familial and social context.”

Samantha Matthews will be speaking at the upcoming Capita One webinar on 4 February 2020 to discuss East Riding’s outstanding inspection, lifting the lid on its experience and sharing tips to help you succeed. You can sign up today to hear first-hand examples of what the inspectorate praised in the service’s delivery and creativity to engage with young people, their families and victims.

Emma Wrigley, One Youth Product Manager at Capita will also provide an overview of the Capita One Youth Justice software.

There will be an opportunity to put forward questions to Samantha Matthews and Emma Wrigley.

You can register here to attend this free-of-charge event to find out more about how Capita One’s youth solutions software can help your team achieve your best results.