HOMELESSNESS: Work together to help the homeless

| 05 February 2003

Ministers, MPs and local councillors have been told that a cluster scheme model - where departments in a local authority work together to supply a new service - could prevent youth homelessness.

Youth homelessness charity Safe in the City held an event at the Houses of Parliament on 28 January, hosted by treasury minister Paul Boateng, to get the message across.

Victor Abedowale, Safe in the City patron and chief executive of social care organisation Turning Point, said that Safe in the City's cluster scheme model provided "an innovative solution to the growing problem of youth homelessness and other forms of social exclusion like drugs, crime and truancy".

Nicola Bacon, the charity's director, said: "Our young people's forum, independent evaluation and parenting groups are just some of the ways we listen to what our young people and families are telling us."

Boating said: "Safe in the City's great strength is putting the young people it works with at the centre of what they do.

Its preventive approach crosses boundaries and challenges us to learn from their valuable experiences."


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