Social Care: EU prepares study on online abuse

| 11 September 2007

An EU group looking at stopping online child abuse is putting together a briefing on how to prevent such exploitation to share with countries worldwide.

It wants to establish examples of good work that have helped reduce the number of child exploitation websites on the internet to share initially with group members and then other countries.

The Online Child Protection Subgroup is part of the European Information Society Group (Eurim), which brings together MPs, MEPs, peers, officials and industry to look at policy on information technology.

Daniel Mount, who works for Eurim chairman and Labour MP Margaret Moran, is drawing up the briefing.

"In the UK the number of websites with child pornography images has reduced, the majority of sites are in Russia and America, so there is a case for exporting what we are doing," he said. "We are also looking at what areas there are for improvement."

The research is looking at the work of government departments like the Home Office, charities such as the NSPCC and industry websites like the Internet Watch Foundation, which is a hotline for reports of illegal internet content. The briefing is due out in October.


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