The power of outdoor learning

By Cath Prisk

| 24 March 2017

Learning outdoors is not new, but in 2017 we have more evidence than ever before that shows the powerful impact it has on students and teachers.

Natural England, a UK based NGO, recently showed that 92 per cent of teachers involved in their four year trial said that having lessons outdoors improved pupils engagement with learning, and 94 per cent said it also improved their health and wellbeing.

Most of the teachers involved also said that outdoor learning made them feel happier about their own teaching experience too.

When I was a young teacher with a lively reception class I learned very quickly that taking them outside for twenty minutes at the beginning of every day was the recipe for a productive day.

If I could offer advise to young teachers now, I'd suggest trying to stay out there all morning…

I got involved in Outdoor Classroom Day last year and every day now I see the difference having a go at getting outdoors can make to both teachers and children in their care.

So, if you're new to outdoor learning, why not use the day to have a go? Or if it's part of your normal week, why not use the day to celebrate what you're doing already and encourage other schools in your area to join in?

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