What is the Care Review Watch Alliance?

CRWA Collective
Monday, June 14, 2021

The Care Review Watch Alliance (CRWA) is a loose collective of people from all corners of the care community including care experienced people, care professionals, educators and researchers, social workers, foster carers and residential care providers.

For decades, interactions between these groups have too often been based upon our differences and reflected in disagreement. As CRWA, we have come together to focus on our shared concern about the Care Review’s processes and possible recommendations. This has enabled both exciting and electric debate, engaging our wonderfully diverse skills, experience and insights.

Our 20 strong CRWA steering group has launched a new website where you will find the latest blogs, discussions, resources, information and regular updates about child and family social care services and insights about the way the Care Review is working and the evidence that is submitted to it. Our rich diversity, plurality of views and perspectives are reflected on our website and we invite people to connect with us to facilitate greater discussion and participative planning.

CRWA members agree on several priorities:

Firstly, to respond proactively to the “Case for Change” once it is published. CRWA will call upon the depth and diversity of its friends and supporters to provide a commentary on the Review’s apparent direction of travel and (as appropriate) offer an alternative vision by involving everyone who is interested in open dialogue. We believe this is the most effective way we can respond to Case for Change.

CRWA is committed to establishing principles and values that must underpin any recommendations that come from the Review. We want to ensure children and families who need support or come into care receive the best possible services in the future. Our learning will come from the experiences of both those who receive and deliver services. This will enable us to produce detailed plans for the best possible services which we will cost and illustrate where the necessary funding will come from and adopt mechanisms for accountability.

CRWA receives no government funding. We are an independent grassroots collective that seeks to bring together like-minded individuals and groups committed to campaigning for social justice in the children’s care system.

A CRWA steering group member sums up our ambition: “People are looking for hope and real reparation out of austerity leading to recovery and renewal. My hope is that we bring ALL our potential, lived experiences, aptitudes and gifts and become stronger together, achieving the very best possible for ALL our children, young people, families and communities and ALL those who come thereafter, whilst shining a torch at the very heart of this nation’s Care Review.’

CRWA is a massively diverse collective of people but the one thing we have in common and in abundance is that we care about the Care Review. Above all, we are ordinary concerned citizens passionate about children’s rights and social justice.

To find out more about the CRWA Alliance visit: carereviewwatchalliance.com or email carewatchreviewalliance@outlook.com

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