The week's TV: vetting and barring, the BNP, violent computer games

 Well now, I'm off on maternity leave next week. so this may be the last of my TV round-ups. I quite like doing them though, so if they are at all useful to anybody please comment and maybe I'll continue, at least until MediaBaby makes an appearance.

Monday 8 February

8.30pm BBC1 Panorama  Are You a Danger to Kids? - An examination of the new scheme to protect children An examination of whether the new vetting and barring system will actually work

9pm BBC2 Generation Jihad. A new series investigating radicalisation among young British Muslims.

9pm Channel 4 Tower Block of Commons Watch shadow children's minister Tim Loughton and colleagues as they spend time on a council estate and attempt to live on benefits. According to an office straw poll Tim came over the best last week, although his competition was pretty dire.

Tuesday 9 February

4.55pm BBC1 Caught in the Web A Newsround Special Voiced by David Tennant, this tells the story of a girl who gets into trouble after her virtual life in an online chatroom spills into the real world. It gives tips on how to stay safe on the internet, and hammers home how important it is not to give out your personal details. Repeated at 6.30pm on Tuesday and 5pm on Saturday on the CBBC Channel, with a longer version being shown at 11am on BBC2 on Thursday.

8pm Channel 4 Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance Supernanny Jo Frost has a new series looking at the pressures faced by modern parents. This episode looks at whether violent computer games have an effect on a game player's behaviour. Jo also meets a very badly nourished four year old girl and an eleven-year-old who hates her appearance so much she is unable to lead a normal life.

9pm Channel 4 One Born Every Minute Channel 4 has filled a maternity hospital with 40 cameras to record "the dramatic, emotional and often funny moments that go hand in hand with bringing a new life into the world."

Wednesday 10 February

Nothing much.

Thursday 11 February

9pm Channel 4 Leaving Home at 8 Following four eight-year-olds during their first week at boarding school

Friday 12 February

7.30pm Channel 4 Young, Angry and White First Cut meets a teenager considering joining the BNP, and attempts to understand what makes a young person think of joining a party with such a controversial manifesto and image





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