Posters to combat negative stereotypes

Charlotte Goddard
Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you know what I find interesting? What you find interesting.

The brilliant thing about the internet for journalists is you can see exactly what stories people are clicking on and what they are not. When I send out the daily email (you can subscribe here to the Children & Young People Now Daily) obviously I try my best to put the general stories that I think most people will be interested in at the top and the more specific stories at the bottom.

Today there was a story about young people in Bromley who have created a poster campaign to combat media stereotypes. A nice story, but, I thought, quite local and also not wholly original, there have been a few poster campaigns created by young people out there. But no - it was the second most read story of the email.

Just goes to show a lot of you are still interested in media coverage of young people. Good! I chose the right thing to blog about.