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Remodelling Children's Centres

| November 22, 2016

Councils, charities and local communities have been exploring new ways to deliver children's centre services in light of deep cuts. Gabriella Józwiak looks at some of the innovative ideas being developed.

Gabriella Jozwiak meets participants on a government-funded scheme to train parents to be childminders to find out what lessons were learned.

Gabriella Jozwiak meets Anne Longfield, children's commissioner for England.

A day in the life of a pupil referral unit

By Gabriella Jozwiak

| March 03, 2015

Pupil referral units work with some of the country's most vulnerable children. Gabriella Jozwiak spent a day at Kingsland School in Oldham to see how it is helping young people reach their potential.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children can find it harder to achieve at school. Gabriella Jozwiak reports on a scheme that saw councils employ virtual head teachers to help improve education for this group.

FGM: Breaking the silence

| June 09, 2014

The UK's first prosecutions for female genital mutilation took place this year. Gabriella Jozwiak examines the role of children's services to safeguard and support girls and young women.

Durham's multiple award-winning Pre-Birth Intervention Service aims to ensure the best possible start in life for babies born to high-risk families. Gabriella Jozwiak went to meet the team to find out how it works.

CYP Now investigation shows the extent of cuts to local play facilities, budgets and staff, as local authorities and campaigners blame a massive drop in government support over the past three years.

Charities have warned that stripping young people aged under 25 of their right to claim certain benefits could make it harder for them to find work.

Young people should be given a greater say in how schools deliver education, two Conservative members of the Commons education committee have said.