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How health services are tackling child sexual exploitation

The government’s action plan on child sexual exploitation stresses the need for health professionals to play a more active role in identification and prevention. Charlotte Goddard investigates why health services have struggled to tackle the problem and what is...


Safeguarding standard bearer: David N Jones, chair, the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs

Derren Hayes meets David N Jones, chair of the Association of Independent Local Safeguarding Children Board Chairs.


Academy chains struggle to close attainment gap for poor pupils

Disadvantaged pupils at many academy chains are doing less well than peers. One school leader says the sector needs time to deliver improvements, while a think-tank says the failure shows the academies policy is not working.


Childcare qualifications U-turn: implications for the profession

In light of dwindling numbers of childcare staff enrolling on higher level training courses, the government has watered down qualification requirements for the sector. Early years groups explain what the changes will mean.


Bringing early help to policing

An Early Intervention Foundation initiative will help police leaders develop ways to tackle offending earlier, says Donna Molloy, director of implementation at the Early Intervention Foundation.