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How technology can help local authorities embed a contextual safeguarding approach safely and seamlessly

By Nikki Redmond, Servelec and Katie Latimer, University of Bedfordshire |

12 August 2019

Pioneered by Dr Carlene Firmin at the University of Bedfordshire, Contextual Safeguarding as an approach is gathering pace - broadly welcomed by local authorities and the children's social work professionals within them.

Suffering the trauma of abuse, loss or rejection severely impacts on a child's ability to develop both socially and emotionally and therefore achieve their full potential.

About a quarter of UK university students have some type of mental health problem, amounting to half a million young people.

When a young person is displaying complex mental health difficulties, the waiting list to access specialist mental health services can be more than six months - and sometimes several years - with the family near crisis point.

There is plenty of evidence that demonstrates the close link between a rich and varied curriculum, and the attendance and attainment levels of young people. On any given day at our Oracle schools, students may just as well be kayaking, or orienteering as sitting in the classroom studying academic subjects.

A year ago, the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham took a close look at its family services and decided that things could not go on as they were. Budgets were under pressure and demand from families rising. If services were to be protected and quality improved, something had to change.

What difference a decade makes. Last November, children's social care services in Essex achieved an 'outstanding' accolade from Ofsted. It's a moment social worker Owen Chizimba remembers well.

'I've been able to build my career here!'

By NCS The Challenge |

11 February 2019

This year, NCS The Challenge is hiring over 4,000 paid seasonal staff to work on their summer youth & community programme. Emilyn Hutchinson, who has been working on the annual NCS programmes since 2012, shares her NCS journey.

The value of emotional resilience in a social media age

By Dr Pauline Green |

07 February 2019

Social media companies have been urged to take a 'moment to reflect' after a girl's death.

How this council helps children and families thrive

By Medway Council |

14 January 2019

Medway Council has now fully embedded the changes made over the last three years. Today the changes are delivering impressive results.