Academics from the universities of Coventry, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Stirling and Queen's University Belfast received Nuffield Foundation funding to study inequalities in the proportions of looked-after children, or those subject to child protection plans, in the four UK nations.

Children and young people's access to timely and appropriate mental health services for addressing their immediate needs as well as preventing long-term problems in adulthood.

State of Child Health Report 2017

By Charlotte Goddard |

14 March 2017

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health wanted to put together a snapshot of the health of babies, children and young people across the UK in a first attempt to standardise data and thus drive improvements in outcomes.

This research report aims to address questions about the cost and funding of early education policy.

Researchers examine to what extent harm caused by medical examination or treatment - known as iatrogenic harm - might contribute to the UK having one of the highest child mortality rates in western Europe, and identify priority areas for action.

Researchers wanted to examine how the amount of time mothers spend with their children is linked to children's attainment, and whether this varies depending on the age of the child. The researchers say this is the first such study to focus on children and parents in the UK.

The provision of self-harm prevention and intervention in secondary schools in Wales and South West England, and future needs.

Children who experience traumatic events such as car accidents, assaults and natural disasters are at risk of developing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, with symptoms including disturbing memories and nightmares, and feeling like the world is unsafe.

The impact of Match Foster Care's pilot project to improve outcomes by having the local authority delegate certain statutory duties and related decision making to the provider.

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects about one per cent of children and young people, and can have a profound effect on children's social development into adulthood.