Briefing: Research report - School transition

By Nancy Rowntree |

27 March 2007

A study by Edge Hill University in Lancashire has recommended that formal systems be put in place to support children moving up to secondary school.

Briefing: Research report - Poverty in London

By Tristan Donovan |

21 November 2006

Research into the extent of poverty in London has mapped where pockets of child poverty exist and highlighted its effect on health outcomes.

Briefing: Research report - Violence against children

By Chloe Stothard |

10 October 2006

A study for the secretary general of the UN has claimed that allowing smacking normalises violence against children and has urged a ban.

Briefing: Research report - Child poverty

By Tristan Donovan |

11 July 2006

A report has said that higher taxes and paying out more in benefits are vital to meeting Labour's target of ending child poverty by 2020.

Briefing: Research Report - Northern Ireland

By Asha Goveas |

09 May 2006

A report has highlighted that the drive to end child poverty has focused on the UK mainland, leaving children in Northern Ireland facing deprivation.