Research Report: Educational Psychology WorkforceSurvey 2013

By Yen Truong, Hilary Ellam |

29 April 2014

Authors: Yen Truong and Hilary Ellam

Researchers examine the outcomes of 180 children returned from care to their parents.

Researchers wanted to investigate the role a young person's neighbourhood has on their life chances. In particular at how young people from different areas in Britain were able to realise their job aspirations.

An examination of young people's attitudes to politics and to what extent their background affects their engagement.

Researchers set out to identify the key factors influencing local authority decisions to place children in residential care inside and outside local authority boundaries.

Researchers look at how many children live with relatives instead of their own parents.

Researchers set out to establish estimates of smoking uptake among children in different parts of the UK.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield wanted to examine the food choices children make at school. In particular they wanted to see how students' food choices related to school nutritional standards, and whether poorer children made different choices to their more affluent peers.

Study examines ways to tackle the neglect of children through early intervention.

Research shows that experiencing trauma as a child significantly raises the chances of dying young.