Authors Elizabeth Orton, Denise Kendrick, Joe West and Laila J Tata, University of Nottingham

Researchers find that the positive effects of the free childcare entitlement for three-year-olds are not as marked as expected

Research Report: PICANet: A Decade of Data

By Charlotte Goddard |

28 October 2014

Published by Paediatric Intensive Care Auditing Network, University of Leeds and University of Leicester, September 2014

Researchers examine whether being bullied by peers can increase the risk of children developing parasomnias, or sleep disturbances.

Led by a team from the University of Warwick, this research is the second in a three-part series investigating the deaths of children in high-income countries.

Research Report: Electronic Gaming and Psychosocial Adjustment

By Charlotte Goddard |

16 September 2014

Study examines how different amounts of time spent playing electronic games affected young people.

The prevalence of psychiatric disorders among young people living in the UK who have experience of homelessness.

A research team from Kingston University investigated barriers to learning from serious case reviews, and examined ways to overcome these problems.

Researchers examine data relating to mothers repeatedly involved in care proceedings, with multiple children being taken into care.

Researchers examine the rate of adoption disruption and the stability of adoptions as opposed to residence orders and special guardianship orders.