Authors Graham Moore, Gillian Hewitt, John Evans, Hannah Littlecott, Jo Holliday, Nilufar Ahmed, Laurence Moore, Simon Murphy, Adam Fletcher, Cardiff University and University of Glasgow

Authors Elaine Farmer and Cherilyn Dance, University of Bristol and University of Bedfordshire

Researchers examine the choices young people make when buying and eating food on the way to and from school. Authors Gill Cowburn, Anne Matthews, Aiden Doherty, Alex Hamilton, Paul Kelly, Julianne Williams, Charlie Foster and Michael Nelson, University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh, Public Health Nutrition Research

Researchers look at whether the influence of other people makes adolescents more or less likely to take risks.

Researchers investigate how local authorities identify and intervene in child neglect cases.

A team of researchers set out to discover whether young people have changed the ways they find out about sex.

Researchers at NatCen Social Research and Newcastle University are taking part in a 15-month study programme investigating out-of-school activities, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Study aims to reveal the extent, and combinations, of multiple risk factors faced by young children in the UK.

Research Report: A Census of the Children's Homes Workforce

By Charlotte Goddard |

17 February 2015

Report: Truancy and Wellbeing Among Secondary School Pupils in England.