Civil Society Strategy avoids big youth issues

By Howard Williamson |

25 September 2018

Young people have been dreadfully neglected by the UK government, with a refusal to follow 2011's Positive for Youth with a new, or at least refreshed, youth strategy.

Climate change may spark youth movement

By Paul Ennals |

28 August 2018

Paul Ennals is the independent chair at two local safeguarding children boards.

Strategy must boost youth opportunities

By Derren Hayes |

28 August 2018

The government's long-awaited Civil Society Strategy recognises the "transformational impact that youth services and trained youth workers" can have on disadvantaged young people.

Walk in the shoes of those we work with

By Jackie Tiotto |

28 August 2018

Jackie Tiotto is director of children's services, Bexley Council.

Letters to the Editor: Youth work focus does not go far enough

By James Cathcart; Bob Reitemeier |

28 August 2018

Having a statement or policy on youth work, however limited, has been a long time coming. Not since Positive for Youth have we had a definitive refresh of the government's approach to young people, and it looks like the ongoing influence of the youth voice movement, and youth services lobby, has been heard in some quarters.

LGA study is basis for fairer funding debate

By John Freeman |

31 July 2018

Having worked at a senior level in a shire county (Somerset), a large city (Birmingham), and a medium-sized unitary (Dudley), I didn't need research to tell me that they are all very different.

Incentives are key to halt school exclusions

By Derren Hayes |

31 July 2018

The education committee's report on exclusions and alternative provisions makes it abundantly clear that the current system is failing some children, and that rising exclusion rates are a reflection of this.

Lessons for commissioners from Carillion

By Kathy Evans |

31 July 2018

Between the spectacle of President Trump's visit and the drama of Brexit, it would have been easy to miss the report from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) on the lessons for politicians and public service commissioners following the collapse of Carillion.

Right culture is key to good social work

By Yvette Stanley |

26 June 2018

The media spotlight often turns to social care, and the last few weeks are no exception.

Time to rethink funding of children's services

By Derren Hayes |

26 June 2018