Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but many children still arrive at school hungry or with just a quick, often sugary, snack inside them.

In my view: A father's forgotten escape from poverty

By Howard Williamson |

18 September 2007

The penultimate sentence of the follow-up book on the Milltown Boys - my 1980s study of disadvantaged young people on a Cardiff council estate - reads: "Like some of the other children of the more successful boys, their children will have little idea at all about the origins of their grandfathers". Nowhere is this more apposite than in the case of Tony Beech.

Bullying is not confined to the playground

By Anne Longfield |

11 September 2007

Advances in media and the dominance of the internet and mobile telephones have changed the way the young relate to adults and each other.

Prevention, not detention, must come first

By Ravi Chandiramani |

11 September 2007

Children's Secretary Ed Balls last week told CYP Now that he wants to "strengthen the role the youth justice system can play in preventing youth crime." His words were welcome. But they need to be backed up with action.

Life is a journey of unsuccessfuldiscoveries

By Howard Williamson |

11 September 2007

A youngish youth worker called Clifford Eberley spoke at a recent Australian Youth Affairs conference I attended in the state of Victoria.

When the British Medical Association (BMA) described the state of adolescent health in the country as "a potential time bomb" four years ago, there was a direct call for healthcare services specifically for teenagers.

Last Word: Why I dressed up as Bob the Builder

By Michael Bracey |

06 September 2007

One of the most welcome announcements set out in the government's new 10-year youth strategy is the commitment to extend the successful youth opportunity and youth capital funds to at least 2011.

All of us who are passionate about youth work cannot have failed to have readjusted our glasses and reread the title when Aiming High for Young People - A Ten-Year Strategy for Positive Activities was released in late July.

Comment: A magazine that reflects your values

By Andy Hillier |

06 September 2007

To say that the youth work sector is evolving at a rapid rate would be an understatement.

Support should continue from birth to 19

By Anne Longfield |

04 September 2007

At the heart of the Every Child Matters reform is the ambition to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities for children and young people.