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Opinion / Children and the law

We must pull together for deprived children

By Shaks Ghosh |

22 July 2011

This week is the first week of the school break. It's a time for a holiday, time to play sport, time to take part in new challenges. But research has shown that disadvantaged children are more likely to fall behind their peers during this long summer holiday.

Fight against poverty must stay in spotlight

By Lisa Nandy |

08 July 2011

Anyone who watched the BBC documentary Poor Kids last month will have been horrified to hear the stories, told by children themselves, about what it's like to be one of the 3.5 million children in this country who are growing up in poverty.

Witness anonymity is vital to child safety

By Chris Hanvey |

24 June 2011

The task of keeping children safe is already full of perils and hazards. Now two legal cases may have just made it harder to be an expert witness in child protection cases.

A return to the days when the poorest go hungry

By John Freeman |

27 May 2011

I thought that children literally going hungry -- literally, for once, being the exact word -- was a sight we would never again see in the UK beyond a few isolated examples.