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My Life: Blaze Lambert, 16, North Antrim

By Blaze Lambert |

16 February 2016

I've always been passionate about helping others and making a difference in my community. I volunteer as a young leader at my local Girlguiding group, the St Patrick's Broughshane Guides, organising activities and adventures for girls aged 10 to 14.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award can still open doors today

By Howard Williamson |

02 February 2016

My 12-year spell as a UK trustee of the Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award came to an end last year. As Prince Philip put it to me when I had an audience with him in November, "you've certainly put in a good stint".

My Life: Isobel Tallents, 16, Tameside

By Isobel Tallents |

19 January 2016

My teachers noticed a dramatic change in my behaviour within the first two months of me joining Sea Cadets.

Children must be given a say in future policy debates

By Koulla Yiasouma |

05 January 2016

How football assists young people to chase their goals

By Howard Williamson |

05 January 2016

No quick fixes in turning around children's services

By Derren Hayes |

05 January 2016

Management standards, specifically how to deal with inadequate leadership, were very much in the news at the end of December.

How football assists young people to chase their goals

By Howard Williamson |

05 January 2016

My Life: Caitlin Morris, 18, Rochdale

By Caitlin Morris |

05 January 2016

I came to Rathbone Training in September 2015 after trying a course at another local college that wasn't right for me.

My Life: Pegah Moulana, 18, from Shafton

By Pegah Moulana |

08 December 2015

In 2008 I was pleased to become a member of Barnsley Youth Council, on which I served until leaving for university this September.

Every year, two events are guaranteed to re-energise my diminishing bank of optimism - the judging for the CYP Now Awards, and the awards ceremony itself.