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Youth turnout was reaction to Brexit verdict

By Howard Williamson |

29 June 2017

So the British people have spoken. We have another Conservative government - but only just.

Improvement must be a mutual endeavour

By Howard Williamson |

11 April 2017

A new Centre for Social Justice report promotes a "Housing First" strategy for rough sleepers.

Life skills matter. Just ask the 11,000 or so young people who just voted in our Youth Cabinet elections.

Young people draft plan for navigating post-truth world

By Howard Williamson |

14 February 2017

Safeguarding is a key part of coaching young footballers

By Howard Williamson |

17 January 2017

Not that long ago I would speak proudly about being a football coach for a group of kids, now 12.

We need a 'grand council' to lead youth work of the future

By Howard Williamson |

06 December 2016

This has been another really tough year for youth work across the UK.

Reality bites for the UK's youth policy trailblazer

By Howard Williamson |

08 November 2016

Youth work has been decimated in England over the past few years, in the firing line for public spending cuts.

Children need a level playing field, not over-zealous rules

By Howard Williamson |

11 October 2016

While the English national team takes further strides in making itself a global laughing stock thanks to manager Sam Allardyce's media "entrapment", we should remember the constant rhetoric about the need to develop grassroots football.

Bob Holman inspired young people to resolve challenges

By Howard Williamson |

19 July 2016

Bob Holman died on 15 June. He was a remarkable man.