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The beautiful game has started to turn ugly

By Howard Williamson |

15 January 2008

In one of the first discussions on youthful antisocial behaviour during the 1990s, I noted in a speech that most of the lads' magazines tended to be preoccupied with half-naked women and bad-boy footballers.

Alternatives to custody need to be found

By Anne Longfield |

11 December 2007

In April this year, the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice adopted the resolution that national action plans should be formed to reduce the imprisonment of juveniles.

Editorial: Don't let this latest death in custody be in vain

By Ravi Chandiramani |

04 December 2007

Just after seven o'clock last Thursday morning (29 November), a 15-year-old boy was found hanging in his cell at Lancaster Farms Young Offender Institution (YOI).

Editorial: Discs blunder ups pressure on ContactPoint

By Ravi Chandiramani |

27 November 2007

Fear can be very contagious. The "missing discs" debacle at HM Revenue & Customs has intensified security concerns about ContactPoint, the 224m database that will hold details of every child in England.

Break the cycle of neglect and reoffending

By Anne Longfield |

13 November 2007

Media portrayals of "hoodies" and concerns that antisocial behaviour orders are seen as badges of honour have strengthened the perception that young people and crime are inextricably linked.

Editorial: Time to welcome policing to the big picture

By Ravi Chandiramani |

16 October 2007

The values of Every Child Matters are about to tread fresh ground and penetrate the vocation of policing.

Editorial: Youth taskforce is a better way to get respect

By Ravi Chandiramani |

09 October 2007

Amid the media maelstrom surrounding the snap general election that now isn't to be, the government last Friday slipped out an announcement that the Respect Taskforce and accompanying Respect Action Plan has been disbanded (see p6).

Let's be clear about deaths in custody

By Howard Williamson |

09 October 2007

Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. The other week, on the radio during primetime news, I listened to one of the most disingenuous debates I have ever heard that confirmed this mantra to a tee. Regrettably, it concerned the sensitive and emotive topic of deaths in custody.

We need a community approach to custody

By Howard Williamson |

02 October 2007

The recent pressure on the "juvenile secure estate" - the young offender institutions, secure training centres and secure children's homes where remanded and convicted young people are sent - should have concentrated many minds.

Prevention, not detention, must come first

By Ravi Chandiramani |

11 September 2007

Children's Secretary Ed Balls last week told CYP Now that he wants to "strengthen the role the youth justice system can play in preventing youth crime." His words were welcome. But they need to be backed up with action.