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Action needed to help girls in custody

By John Drew |

25 June 2019

A decade ago, there was an average of 166 girls in custody at any one time. Now there are only 28, a more rapid fall than that for boys. This is good news, of course, but a recent report by Pippa Goodfellow, director of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice, highlights why there is no room for complacency. Here are three reasons why.

Build communities to tackle knife crime

By Denise Hatton |

26 March 2019

Over the past few weeks YMCA has been approached by a number of different media outlets asking the same question: Is the rise in knife crime among young people due to youth service cuts?

Naming child offenders harms rehabilitation

By John Drew |

26 March 2019

The recent naming of the 16-year-old child who murdered six-year-old Alesha MacPhail on the Isle of Bute raises once more very uncomfortable issues about the naming of child defendants in criminal cases.

Relationship training key to custody reform

By Derren Hayes |

26 February 2019

The chief inspector of prisons' most recent annual report paints a worrying picture of relationships between young people in custody and officers.

Be bold and make youth custody education-focused

By Howard Williamson |

14 March 2017

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has, in recent weeks, made a sweeping range of decisions in relation to the prison system.

Improve job opportunities to turn around young offenders

By Howard Williamson |

13 September 2016

I have spent a lot of time in approved schools, remand homes, assessment centres, young offender institutions and prisons.

Rarely has the effect of a change in policy and practice been so evident as that seen in the youth justice system over recent years.

No quick fixes in turning around children's services

By Derren Hayes |

05 January 2016

Management standards, specifically how to deal with inadequate leadership, were very much in the news at the end of December.

My Life: Caitlin Morris, 18, Rochdale

By Caitlin Morris |

05 January 2016

I came to Rathbone Training in September 2015 after trying a course at another local college that wasn't right for me.

Every year, two events are guaranteed to re-energise my diminishing bank of optimism - the judging for the CYP Now Awards, and the awards ceremony itself.