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The best education begins in the home

By Howard Williamson |

30 October 2007

A number of issues have converged for me in recent months. There was the Rowntree report on family relationships, and the Sutton Trust report on social mobility - or rather, the shocking lack of it. The German EU presidency culminated this summer in a congress on young people and strategies for social cohesion. And, just the other weekend, Lewis Hamilton came within a point of being crowned Formula One champion in his first season. This could almost be a quiz question: what is the connection?

Editorial: Children's services remain colour-blind

By Ravi Chandiramani |

30 October 2007

Findings of a study about engaging black and minority ethnic (BME) parents in children's services have been published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (see p4). Given government policy's emphasis on positive parenting and on connecting with hard-to-reach communities, it contains important messages for professionals who work with the young and their families.

Editorial: A lesson in the need for emotional wellbeing

By Ravi Chandiramani |

23 October 2007

The RSA in London was last week the scene of a fiery debate co-hosted by CYP Now and Channel 4 about today's teenagers.

Prevention is far better than any cure

By Anne Longfield |

16 October 2007

A preventive approach to support for children and young people has emerged as a clear priority within the reconfigured Department for Children, Schools and Families.

In my view: A father's forgotten escape from poverty

By Howard Williamson |

18 September 2007

The penultimate sentence of the follow-up book on the Milltown Boys - my 1980s study of disadvantaged young people on a Cardiff council estate - reads: "Like some of the other children of the more successful boys, their children will have little idea at all about the origins of their grandfathers". Nowhere is this more apposite than in the case of Tony Beech.

Opinion: Politicians have woken up to needs of young

By Howard Williamson |

04 September 2007

When Haymarket's first Young People Now was published in January 2003, my column was concerned with the huge gulf between the rhetoric and reality of government youth policy.