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It was probably lonely this Christmas

By Howard Williamson |

02 January 2019

The festive season has come and gone and, I am sure, there were occasional moments when our eyes and thoughts turned - or were turned - to homeless people.

Right support vital to keep families together

By Jacky Tiotto |

27 November 2018

The Clear Blue Waterreport by England's chief social worker Isabelle Trowler and the University of Sheffield is a brave, compelling and defensible reminder of the care we have to take over life-changing decisions about whether and why we think a child should be permanently removed from their birth parents.

Early help must focus on the under-twos

By Paul Ennals |

27 November 2018

Every so often, a "landmark" report on early intervention is published.

Right culture is key to good social work

By Yvette Stanley |

26 June 2018

The media spotlight often turns to social care, and the last few weeks are no exception.

Councillors need to act now on child poverty

By Chloe Darlington |

24 April 2018

Child poverty was firmly on the agenda at the recent National Education Union conference.

Consign domestic abuse to the hall of shame

By Paul Ennals |

27 February 2018

Every now and again something in the world changes. After generations of people accepting one type of behaviour, something happens that moves the goal posts.

Children Act well-intentioned duty now unrealistic

By Jacky Tiotto |

28 November 2017

Often while walking between meetings my mind wanders back to the now familiar place it likes to pause: how to reconcile rising demand and reducing resource with high expectations that local authorities can and will minimise error in our child protection system.

Fears over universal credit demand action

By Paul Ennals |

28 November 2017

The impact on poor people of the rollout of universal credit - the minimum six-week delay in receiving the first payment, the reduced amount that most claimants receive, the frequent slide into debt - is well known. But its impact on child protection has been largely overlooked.

Any whiff of abuse must be reported

By John Freeman |

31 October 2017

Last month, I attended part of the IICSA hearings into Rochdale and Cyril Smith.

Learning lessons from the Grenfell tragedy

By Paul Ennals |

29 August 2017

When we think about our priorities for keeping vulnerable children safe, most of the time our minds turn to topics such as child protection services, thresholds, or child sexual exploitation.