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More services could be commissioned regionally

By Paul Ennals |

29 May 2018

Who wants to talk about public sector restructuring? What, nobody?

Self-evaluation - a story to fear or celebrate?

By Jacky Tiotto |

27 February 2018

Ofsted's new children's services inspection arrangements place far greater emphasis than the previous regime on leaders' self assessing what we do and why.

Services are at a tipping point from austerity

By Kathy Evans |

31 October 2017

Over recent months there has been a big head of steam building to put pressure on the government to tackle the children's services funding crisis in the next Budget.

Learning lessons from the Grenfell tragedy

By Paul Ennals |

29 August 2017

When we think about our priorities for keeping vulnerable children safe, most of the time our minds turn to topics such as child protection services, thresholds, or child sexual exploitation.

'Uncertainty principle' key to child protection

By Jacky Tiotto |

29 August 2017

Uncertainty is an accepted feature of both Quantum physics and the protection of children from harm or the risk of harm.

Education system set up to 'manage out' pupils in need

By Derren Hayes |

14 February 2017

From September, the education services grant (ESG), used by councils to fund school-based additional learning support for disadvantaged groups of pupils, will be scrapped.

If you were hoping that the new year would see in some new funding for the children's sector, then maybe you should look away now.

Rarely has the effect of a change in policy and practice been so evident as that seen in the youth justice system over recent years.

Forensically inquisitive - that is how the Department for Education aptly describes the vigilance to risk required of social workers in Putting Children First, its vision for children's social care.