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One of the problems of democracy is that leaders have views on many issues, and citizens don't always agree with all of the policies of "their" party or their government. So, I find myself supporting the principle of the new national funding formula for schools while deeply opposing the academisation programme.

The fundamental flaws in academisation plans

By Derren Hayes |

29 March 2016

On 17 September 2015, the Scottish Parliament passed the British Sign Language (BSL) Bill. The public gallery was packed with Deaf BSL users, many of whom had been banned from signing as children and forced to lip read. It had been a long, hard battle and it was difficult for many to hold back the tears and keep their emotions at bay.

Children and young people normally find it intensely embarrassing when adults in positions of authority try to talk sensibly about sex.

Schooling's reality check for social care inspection

By Derren Hayes |

16 February 2016

Home education laws must be tightened to protect children

By Michael Bracey |

02 February 2016

A leaked report into the tragic death of Dylan Seabridge, aged just eight, has put home education back in the headlines.

All children should learn parenting skills at school

By John Freeman |

19 January 2016

A few weeks ago, I had the sad duty of sitting on a permanent exclusion appeal hearing for a secondary school. Gary is just 12 years old, and his behaviour is uncontainable by the school.

No quick fixes in turning around children's services

By Derren Hayes |

05 January 2016

Management standards, specifically how to deal with inadequate leadership, were very much in the news at the end of December.

Have you ever read a job description and wondered exactly how the required "degree level" education made someone best equipped to do it? I know I have - far too often.

Impact of living in care needs careful attention

By Derren Hayes |

08 December 2015