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Education cuts undermine SEND reforms

By Anna Feuchtwang |

02 January 2019

An Ofsted report into the support (or lack of) for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)published in December was reported as a "national scandal". True. But who's to blame?

Funding and fairness key to schools debate

By John Freeman |

30 October 2018

The speech by shadow education secretary Angela Rayner to the Labour party conference was strong on principle - whatever your view of academies, she has come out strongly in support of a particular vision of education.

Schools must prioritise children in need too

By John Freeman |

24 April 2018

The improvement of educational outcomes for children in care has been a major success story.

Education system needs better alternatives

By Anna Feuchtwang |

27 March 2018

The education select committee's inquiry into alternative provision in education is part of its stated commitment to social justice. This is a social justice issue.

Education can help us take on 'fake news'

By John Freeman |

30 January 2018

One unexpected aspect of social media has been the lack of friction with which information flows, both within small groups, and into the public consciousness.

Political leaders must back young people

By Anna Feuchtwang |

29 June 2017

The country is still coming to terms with what a minority government means - once again shifting public opinion has shaken up political certainties.

Youth turnout was reaction to Brexit verdict

By Howard Williamson |

29 June 2017

So the British people have spoken. We have another Conservative government - but only just.

Early help may fall foul of school staff cuts

By Paul Ennals |

01 June 2017

So here we are, racing headlong towards another election, paying attention to the different ideas being floated in the manifestos, while having a very strong suspicion as to what the result will be.

PSHE education is vital to prevent radicalisation

By Derren Hayes |

01 June 2017

Recent events in Manchester have again highlighted young people's vulnerability to brainwashing by extremist ideology.

Social mobility and selection do not mix

By John Freeman |

04 May 2017

Hard on the heels of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health report The State of Child Health, which showed the strong links between poverty and poor health outcomes, the Social Mobility Commission has done the same for education with low-income pupils' progress at secondary school.