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A fair fee is critical to free childcare expansion

By Derren Hayes |

13 October 2015

The past few weeks have seen mixed messages coming from the government over the expansion of the free childcare policy.

When it comes to identifying priorities for improving children's services, it is understandable that many of us turn our attention to the issues that are the focus of our daily professional lives.

Focus on market risks losing sight of the child

By Derren Hayes |

29 September 2015

There has been the scent of revolution in the air recently. First, Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide Labour leadership election on an anti-austerity ticket that was the antithesis of New Labour (Analysis, p10). Then the man he hopes to one day replace in Downing Street, David Cameron, used a speech on the "smarter state" to outline the government's intention to pick up the pace of reform in children's services by handing "failing" children's social care services to third-party providers (Analysis, p8).

Evidence-based research is life saving - I should know

By John Freeman |

15 September 2015

Barcelona targets sound like the latest players sought by Europe's leading football club. But they are in fact key to the prosperity of European nations and families.

Innovation in early help needs cash and leadership

By Derren Hayes |

04 August 2015

The Prime Minister announced the creation of a new taskforce towards the end of June to review child protection arrangements.

While care for older people was barely mentioned during the election campaign despite our ageing population, childcare became the subject of a bidding war between the parties.

As the election dust settles, I have found myself thinking about physics even more than I have about policy. Specifically, I have been thinking about Newton's Third Law - "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - and how it might inform strategies for action from the children's voluntary sector over the coming years.