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Social workers must give children some stability

By Anne Longfield |

24 March 2016

How neural frameworks that usually develop in young children in an ordinary family environment fail to develop properly in the absence of stimulation.

Social care alone cannot address domestic abuse

By Derren Hayes |

01 March 2016

Free childcare plans are unfair and unaffordable

By Derren Hayes |

02 February 2016

The government's much vaunted consultation on the future of children's centres has been delayed - following its proclamation by the childcare minister back in July.

No quick fixes in turning around children's services

By Derren Hayes |

05 January 2016

Management standards, specifically how to deal with inadequate leadership, were very much in the news at the end of December.

Every year, two events are guaranteed to re-energise my diminishing bank of optimism - the judging for the CYP Now Awards, and the awards ceremony itself.

It is time for Ofsted to reconsider its remit

By Derren Hayes |

24 November 2015